• "JPP Jacek Pietruszka"
  • "JPP Jacek Pietruszka"

Our offer

JPP Jacek Pietruszka company offers electrical components produced by Siemens company, include:

  • SENTRON Protection, Switching, Measuring and Monitoring Devices, e.g:
    • Circuit breakers,
    • Minized- switch disconnectors,
    • Sitor fuse links,
    • Lightning Arresters and Combination Surge Arresters,
  • Sirius switching devices:
    • Sirius circuit breaker 3RV2,
    • Sirius 3TK28 Safety Relays,
    • Single-phase transformers,
    • LZS, LZX coupling relays,
    • 3SE2 foot switches,
  • Automation Technology:
    • SITOP power supplies,
    • LOGO! logic modules,
    • Standard CPUs,
    • Components for industrial Ethernet.